Investors Relations and Information

AMAX IT is an innovative IT company currently working on a number of exciting software solutions. Our managing partners bring more than 20 years of experience in Cybersecurity and Software/Web development. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have in-house creative talent and expertise needed to develop cost effective, seamless and effortless web solutions for all our clients’ online needs.

We are currently in the late development stages of a very exciting PC/Smartphone ride sharing app solution.  This product has mass international appeal and can also be used in food delivery and courier industries.  We are seeking investors to take part in the process of finalizing and launching the product on the world stage.

Collaborating with Ride Share Drivers United (a rideshare drivers’ advocacy group with more than 3000  members), our vision is to create a decentralized booking system for accredited rideshare drivers, who would be able to offer customers their services and set their own prices. The system is planned to launch with set minimum fares pre-loaded  to ensure compliance with industry standards in a given zone. Unlike other rideshare operator systems, no commission will be charged to access the booking system, except for a small flat booking fee, regardless of the trip distance. Drivers would keep the entire fare.

We are developing a turnkey booking system designed to run on drivers’ own websites, enabling them to run a truly independent ride share business.  Rating system is very important for keeping drivers and passengers happy and coming back. To ensure transparency, our rating facility will be provided by a third independent party, an online service specializing in  reliable transparent rating solutions.

The rider and driver booking systems are currently in beta. To see a demo of the rider booking system (early beta) please visit It is recommended that you access this page via a mobile device/smartphone.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information and to learn about the investment opportunities available for this venture .