Your online success… is our business!

At AMAX IT we realise that the internet is a revolutionary tool to enhance business in the new millennium. Those who have recognised this fact are already prospering while those that ignore it are missing out on a great opportunity. Our mission is to help business utilise the Internet to enhance their business prospects across borders, now and into the future, using our proven on-line experience and expertise.

The internet has become a vast medium and is still growing exponentially. Being overlooked is easy. Using our design and promotional skills not only will we develop a site to your complete satisfaction but we will also make it a popular destination targeting your desired audience.

E-commerce success basically boils down to one simple formula:

LARGE TARGETED AUDIENCE = INCREASED SALES while keeping your business overheads to a minimum.

Our aim is to support your immediate and on-going Internet business needs. Using plain non-tech English we will show you how to achieve your online goals in terms that are easily understood and affordable.

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Let us help your business reach the the world, TODAY…

Our internet services include:

  • Web site development, monitoring and hosting
  • Search engines research, submission and optimisation, (SEO services)
  • Domain name registration
  • Site maintenance and content/catalogue updating
  • Managed PPC Ad campaigns (eg. Google Adwords & Yahoo, Bing etc.)
  • Graphic design such as Logos, business banners etc.
  • Server customized programming in ASP, PHP, Perl etc.

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